Rachel's Pick: The Perfect Gift for Mom

by Abby Tegnelia | October 20, 2014

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s almost time for the yearly tradition of scrambling for the “perfect” gift for mom – this year, let me help! Custom jewelry from Laurel & Bleau is as perfect as you’re going to get. They brilliantly take a child’s signature (or anything else in their own handwriting) and make it into jewelry. I don’t know a single parent who could resist wearing a ring, bracelet or necklace boasting their own child’s unique handwriting, from Laurel & Bleau’s clever and unique Signature Collection.

The Laurel & Bleau founders wanted to create works of wearable art that told stories, which is why they work so closely with the customer during the design process to add just the right touch of personality through monogramming and names. Oprah’s already a fan. And how could she not be – the hot brand’s new necklaces have you covered, taking a standard piece of jewelry and making it a truly one-of-a-kind memento from the heart. This is truly the perfect gift for any parent.

Whether the kids have been naughty or nice, these precious jewelry pieces make an ideal gift for Dad to give Mom this December. It’s also something she’s guaranteed to love and cherish – a real “wow factor” present!

Colors include sterling silver, pink gold, white gold and yellow gold. There’s even the option of adding diamonds! There are also a variety of chain lengths available in all of the metals. If you have more than one child, get Mommy one to wear one short and one long—the combinations are endless! Not only is this a special keepsake, it’s fashionable for mommies to have their child’s name in gold or silver, and prices start at only $200. Laurel & Bleau also features several other monogram and personal items, including cuff links, laser cut round charms, dog tags and name bracelets—all customizable! Order now and knock out some early holiday shopping. 


You fell in love with the Tady Tote, and you’ll fall in love with this custom jewelry, too. Stay tuned for more of Rachel’s picks!

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